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L’intime – at the Tipperary Dance Platform 2014

It occurred to me that in a context where the particular support of an artistic community isn’t available, what Alex and Jazmin are doing in the Tipperary Dance Platform is to curate their own community of support. It is a generous curation, making opportunities for dance enthusiasts, audiences, and professionals at different stages of their careers from Ireland and abroad. It is an act of community building that relies on their hard-work, sustained discipline, creativity, resilience and a network of personal and professional relationships. It does also need funding and infrastructure, even if the actual money is in no way commensurate to the work they and their network put in to making the platform happen read more…

Saturday, 25 October, 2014

What's Next

Irish Academy of World Music and Dance: Academy 20 Convocation

As part of the celebrations of 20 Years of the Irish Academy of World Music and Dance, Fearghus will give a presentation on the role of the Artist as Citizen at Dance Limerick on 16th November.

The panel discussion will address the relationship between artistry and citizentry in contemporary global society. Invited speakers include Nigel Osborne, Vincent Woods, Helena Enright, Gerry Kearns and Helen Carey who will also discuss future directions for the arts in Ireland and their potential contribution to ‘good’ citizenship.