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The human body exceeds its corporal borders, (violently, erotically) but does so in relation to external formal structures. Smear wasn’t difficult for Stéphane and me since our dancing together invariably produces sweat and a slippery contact that generates movement beyond the direct lines of pressure and intention. Sweat crosses the body’s skin border, and does so involuntarily. It is not really consciously controlled even if we can generate the conditions that call it forth. Emotional states such as fear also generate sweat as an involuntary exceeding of physical containment. Sharing sweat creates a space of mingling of our insides in a shared point of generative contact. read more…

Friday, 11 July, 2014

What's Next

Dance Ireland Residency

From 29th September to 3rd October, Fearghus will be in residency in Dancehouse, Dublin as part of Dance Ireland’s Residency Scheme supporting the development of new work. Fearghus’ current research is focused on nationalism and the body.