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Augmenting and filtering – Paris

I’m familiar with placing my dancing in relation to urban architecture, using dance to explore what’s possible for a body in these spaces. And I’m familiar with sharing videos online of this work. inviting others into the often solitary dance experiences. What’s different about this video posted as an Instagram reel, is that I used one of the standard filters – Pixie – that adds a sparkle to the image and, though this video doesn’t foreground it, a little eyeliner to human faces. The filter adds a glamour to the image, not out of keeping with the opulent surroundings. It also creates a space on Instagram that’s different from the one in which I danced and even the one I made by framing my dancing on the cameraphone video. read more…

Saturday, 29 October, 2022

What's Next

Queer Sanctuary/Tearmann Aiteach at What Next Festival

Performance 2 Triple Bill
What Next Festival
7:30pm 10 February 2023
Dance Limerick Performance Space
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As part of a triple bill of performances, Isabella and Fearghus present the next stage of Queer Sanctuary/Tearmann Aiteach with garments by Gregor Pituch and dramaturgy by Luke Pell.