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L’intime – at the Tipperary Dance Platform 2014

It occurred to me that in a context where the particular support of an artistic community isn’t available, what Alex and Jazmin are doing in the Tipperary Dance Platform is to curate their own community of support. It is a generous curation, making opportunities for dance enthusiasts, audiences, and professionals at different stages of their careers from Ireland and abroad. It is an act of community building that relies on their hard-work, sustained discipline, creativity, resilience and a network of personal and professional relationships. It does also need funding and infrastructure, even if the actual money is in no way commensurate to the work they and their network put in to making the platform happen read more…

Saturday, 25 October, 2014

What's Next

If the Invader Comes

If the Invader Comes will have its Irish premiere screening at the inaugural Lightmoves Festival of Screendance on 6th November. The installation is a collaboration between Fearghus and photographer Dan Dubowitz and was commissioned as a response to the Martello Towers of England’s East Coast and to the particular atmosphere of that border territory. The installation will run from 2pm to 10pm at Dance Limerick.

The Lightmoves festival will also screen Closer Fearghus’ response to Dance Ireland’s Minutes in Motion Commission. Closer, directed by Seeta Patel, will be screened alongside the other 11 commissioned films at 11:30am 8th November.