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Brave Interdependence/Idirspleáchas Cróga – a talk for Aonarach le Chéile Festival, Dingle

I want to propose an alternative way of thinking about artists as part of the wider public. The model I have in mind is the brilliant sean nós singer in a community. Everyone has a song, and in group gatherings it’s great to hear everyone’s song, but we know there are some people with a particular ability and gift in singing. And when they sing, they sing for the whole group. Their distinctiveness does not put them outside the group. Nor do they need to diminish their distinctiveness to be connected. If any of you have seen the people ag windáil (literally ‘winding’ the singer by holding their hand and rotating the lower arm from the elbow), connecting physically and encouragingly with the singer, it’s clear that the exceptional gift can be linked and channelled viscerally into, and supported by, a community. That’s the kind of artist I’d like to be in relation to communities that welcome me read more…

Thursday, 09 November, 2017

What's Next

Match screening at Tate Liverpool

As part of her Against Ordinary Language> gym-inspired installation at Tate Liverpool, Sarah Browne has curated a programme of artists’ films, including Match.

Sarah’s installation runs 20–26 NOVEMBER 2017 AT 10.00–16.50, TATE LIVERPOOL

Match will be screened 24 NOVEMBER