Fearghus Ó Conchúir Choreographer and Dance Artist

Cure – entertainment.ie review


Cure | Project Arts Centre

Star rating: 4 / 5
Review by: Una McMahon
Venue: Project Arts Centre

Conceived and performed by: Fearghus Ó Chonchúir
Choreographed by: Mikel Aristegui, Sarah Browne, Elena Giannotti, Stéphane Hisler, Bernadette Iglich, Matthew Morris and Fearghus Ó Conchúir
Lighting Design: Ciarán O’Melia
Sound Design: Alma Kelliher

Cure opens with very deliberate movement within a neatly marked square, as the dancer appears to explore the boundaries of the self. A focus on the breath reminds us of human frailty, and the confines of the square impose the limits of human existence. We are the privileged travel companions on this journey.

Clever use of few props mark the stages of illness and recovery, and geometric shapes give physical structure to the piece. Pouring sand neatly illustrates the passage of time, as the performer undergoes a series of metamorphoses, communicating the experience of illness and loss. The lighting design is subtle and effective, and the soundtrack, which is occasionally unsettling, provides the perfect accompaniment to this performance. Fearghus Ó Conchúir is exceptional, a very talented performer.

Cure is about the collapse and rebuilding of self. It is an interesting take on human endurance and is, ultimately, an optimistic one. It raised a number of questions in my mind and led me to consider these in a broader societal context – Can you be healed if you do not know you are sick? And what if the cure is worse than the disease?

The piece was choreographed by a team of six, and there is a sense of the collaborative effort here. The spaces on stage are clearly delineated, growing organically. The use of the stage gradually expands, becoming more light-filled, much like the process of recovery itself. It is profoundly emotional, hopeful and thought-provoking, and is highly recommended.