Fearghus Ó Conchúir Choreographer and Dance Artist

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Star Rating: 4/5

The Firkin Crane
Produced by Fearghus Ó’Conchúir
Starring Mattew Morris and Peggy Grelat-Dupont

One’s inner child was treated at the Frikin Crane Cultural Centre as part of Cork Midsummer last week in choreographer Fearghus Ó’Conchúir gorgeous ‘all ages’ dance show. Starting in darkness, behind a main stage curtain, we adapt and evolve, overcome and remember what it is to hope, to hurt and to go on in a site specific piece attuned to this venue and it’s function as Cork’s home of dance.

Appearing from under the curtain Matthew Morris illuminates and fascinates as the falling star, struggling out of the blackness and urging us to ‘catch him’. He flashes out, twisting and turning, the lights rising from spotlight to floodlight, before dimming to a twinkle, as we stare into what’s past and what’s wanted.

Peggy Grelat-Dupont – the rising star, is survival, triumph over adversity, appearing from the wings and guiding us to the hall of mirrors, her urges, ‘move closer, move back’ bringing us into the action, the dance, showcasing the work and precision that’s involved and the determination to shine.

With every ending is a new beginning and as we take our bow, we are present at the birth of a new star, sparkling high above us, a dream come true.

Whether it’s a mediation on darkness and light, endings and beginnings or sacrifice and success it’s a mesmerising, joyous work, that adults might find a little short but which will find affecting them none the less.

Review by: Caomhan Keane

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