Fearghus Ó Conchúir Choreographer and Dance Artist
June 24, 2007

Ernest Pignon-Ernest

Adrian ( www.gai-savoir.net) has drawn my attention to this work of Ernest Pignon-Ernest who makes interventions in the public space with beautiful trompe l’oeil drawings of human bodies. He affixes the drawings to buildings and leaves them to weather. I understand that he takes account of the particularity of each environment and draws his work accordingly. He does make the work in the studio though and only when it’s ready abandons it in the public space.

I ask myself how much I want to make material that takes the particular built environment into account. I’m wary of accommodating external pressures too soon in the process as what interests me is the encounter between the prepared material and the environment. Of course there’s accommodation in that encounter but the material has an independence that precedes the encounter.

There’s more information on Pignon-Ernest in this blog:


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