Fearghus Ó Conchúir Choreographer and Dance Artist
May 30, 2007

Guild Street graffiti

I waited in the studio today knowing that the rain shouldn’t be an impediment to my wanting to move around outside but I didn’t want to get my trainers wet and besides I was on a physical roll in the studio, making material that was expansive and energetic. Of course I couldn’t pull that off on the uneven tarmac of Guild street’s triangle of space. Instead I went back to the Shanghai material, developed a little, but sufficiently ground-bound to make it possible for me to negotiate the terrain.

I worried yesterday about not being up to the brightness of the graffiti but a little rain toned all that down to make an environment that was more familiar to my way of being. I rolled around on the ground avoiding the nails and broken glass and the attention that requires has an impact on the choreographed material, but it’s exactly that encounter between what I’d prepared – what’s in my body – and what the environment presents that I want to examine. I want to be strong enough from the preparation to be able to be open to whatever the environment offers.

People watched from their windows and front doors and in this second version you can see some walk past ingnoring me. The hoodie cuts me off a little but it also helps me fit in to the way people dress around the area. The challenge for me is to engage directly with people. My instinct is to keep doing wat I do and to let people choose to engage if they want. We’ll see if that works out.

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