Fearghus Ó Conchúir Choreographer and Dance Artist
May 04, 2008

Match at BAMOIC

Matthew and I perform in the Beijing Art Museum of the Imperial City.

Performing Match somewhere like BAMOIC is a complex series of compromises. I’m clear that I don’t need a stage to show the work but I do need space for the long lines of the piece’s energy to be visible. So I can’t perform in the small courtyard with its mix of cobbled stones, stone seats and trees. Part of me feels bad for not being adaptable enough but I suppose it’s clear to me that this work has to be about the negotiation between what I’ve prepared and what I find. The work can’t be completely determined by the environment. There needs to be an integrity in the work that offers the possibility of redefining the environment in which it unfolds. The work claims the space it needs, where it needs it: though it can only claim what it needs from what is available.

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