Fearghus Ó Conchúir Choreographer and Dance Artist
November 01, 2007

Oxwarehouse: Bernadette fits right in

One of the most flattering observations made about our performance is that it looked as if we always lived in the Oxwarehouse with its funny drainage troughs and sloping floors. For some of the Performance artists, the immediacy of response to an environment is an important way of distinguishing themselves from the rehearsed performance of choreography.
However with Bernadette and me, the relationship to the space and to the particular building comes not from making a work that ‘translates’ the building into movement: instead it comes from bringing a developed physicality that is robust enough to be open to the energy of the space and doesn’t need to ignore it to maintain the integrity of the dance. It makes the work a truly live art that interacts with its specific environment because of the strong preparation the choreography entails.

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