Fearghus Ó Conchúir Choreographer and Dance Artist
May 09, 2009

Rehearsing Dialogue

While I’m here in Beijing, Xiao Ke, Yin Yi and I are rehearsing Dialogue, the piece we made in Dublin last year. We will perform the piece in Edinburgh in August but more pressingly here in the Penghao Theater at the start of June. For these rehearsals, we’re using a great studio that’s also in the village of Fei Jia Cun (just beyond the modeling school – that’s modeling school as in America’s Next Top rather than clay modeling). Quite apart from it being light and tall, this fantastic dance space has two bedrooms and a kitchen. It could be a great residency space if only they had wifi. I’m not jealous but having a dance floor is a little kinder on the joints than my concrete set up.

I have purchased some comforting yoga mat building blocks from the village shop (full of surprises – though decaf coffee isn’t one of them) and the colours can’t help but match the paint splashes on the floor.

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