Fearghus Ó Conchúir Choreographer and Dance Artist
December 15, 2009

Sweet spot 4 – Irish Times article

We preview Sweet Spot tomorrow and though the film is still not finished, I’m sure that by tomorrow it will be. I’ve enjoyed seeing Stéphane dance the solo that acts as a balance to the soft and female energy of the film: time with Xiao Ke in China appears to be having its influence on the work in a variety of unexpected ways.

Meanwhile, Michael Seaver has written a warm feature in the Irish Times about the Macushla Dance Group and its involvement in Triptik, the triple bill in which Sweet Spot is being performed. Unfortunately, the lovely Teresa of whom he writes has broken her hip and won’t be able to perform. It’s terrible for Teresa and she is a real loss to Ríonach’s piece though the group is rallying round. But I learned from the Macushla ‘girls’ who worked with me that you can’t take anything for granted. At the end of rehearsal, I would say, ‘See you tomorrow’. To which they replied, ‘Please God’.

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