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April 17, 2010

Sweet spot – The film

Saidhbh at Feenish has uploaded Sweetspot to Vimeo and though it may appear out of synch with my Open Niche, Mo mhórchoir féin and Shanghai EXPO preoccupations, there are lots of reasons why it’s appropriate to reconnect with Sweetspot.

First of all, the out-of -synchness of this post reminds me that my work doesn’t develop in a linear way (a useful note as I contemplate building a website whose architecture inevitably tends to tidying up the narrative for clear presentation)

Secondly, the lovely Marie Curtin who appears in Sweetspot with her arms outstretched in what may look like a Titanic pose but owes more to balancing on a pony’s back, will soon appear in Mo mhórchoir féin. This was the woman who hadn’t performed before Sweetspot and Ríonach’s Triptik project. But when I needed an older woman to appear in Mo mhórchoir féin she immediately came to mind. And I guess the creative impact of Ríonach’s Triptik project is the fact that when making the film, my brain and gut were ready to ‘need’ an older woman. Thanks to Ríonach and the Macushlas for that widening of perspective.

And finally, it’s Bealtaine soon and Sweetspot will be shown as part of Ríonach’s contribution to the festival that celebrates creativity in older age. It’s also likely to be part of a Youtube channel with Bealtaine Artistic Director, Dominic Campbell, is curating.

Enough excuses?

Sweet Spot from feenish productions on Vimeo.

While I hope to be able to show a version here soon that includes the relationship between Stéphane’s live solo and the film, I think the film stands on its own and there are those who may prefer it unadulterated by the troubling confrontational physicality of the male solo. And that’s okay too….

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